Certified to AS9100. ITAR registered.

VPE has a wide range of metallurgical services and engineering expertise.  As a result,  we have the ability to meet your project needs.  Therefore, we invite you to put our over 45 years of experience in materials science, problem analysis, production methodology, and design-for-fabrication to work for your project.

Manufacturing Services

VPE has over 150,000 square feet of design, lab, production, and quality assurance space.  For this reason, we are able to provide the space for your metallurgical services and contract manufacturing program.  Furthermore, we have the following capabilities.

  • A large variety of equipment and personnel.  Therefore, nearly all the manufacturing services can be done in-house at VPE.
  • A full-scale machine shop. For this reason, we are able to make intricate parts at precise tolerances.
  • We have cleanrooms and clean environment laboratories.  In addition, we have a 20,000 sq. ft. clean environment laboratory.
  • Experience in high-volume production.  In addition, experience in medium and low-volume production.
  • Personnel for problem-solving product design.  Likewise, personnel for problem-solving production issues.
  • A materials testing lab and a large quality assurance department.  As a result, we have strong analysis and high-quality assurance.
  • Turnkey production from drawings and specifications.
  • Also, we perform turnkey product design, prototyping, and production.

Engineering, R&D Support

To provide engineering, R&D solutions quickly and cost-effectively, VPE’s team of materials scientists work closely with staff mechanical and electrical engineers.  In addition, VPE has over 45 years of experience in developing new approaches to materials-joining challenges.  Moreover, we provide materials science and fabrication technology expertise, contract research, and consulting for customers located in over four continents.

VPE’s Metallurgical Services include engineering, R&D support which have roots in:

Precision Brazing

VPE’s metallurgical services include the following precision brazing processes.

Diffusion Bonding

VPE’s metallurgical services include diffusion bonding which is used instead of precision brazing for end-use applications in which the use of a filler alloy might compromise intricate features and hermeticity.  In addition, it is the preferred joining method for a number of microchannel devices, photo-etched laminates, gigahertz waveguides and antennas, corrosion-resistant manifolds, and microchannel heat exchangers.  Furthermore, our history of developing new diffusion bonding process variations and improving current techniques ensures that we employ the best method for each application.

  • Heat exchanger in addition to cold plate diffusion bonding
  • Low-temperature diffusion bonding
  • Additionally, low-force diffusion bonding
  • Solid-state welding — in vacuum or controlled atmosphere and simultaneously applied force
  • Trans-liquid phase (TLP) bonding
  • Induction based

Hot Pressing

VPE’s metallurgical services include hot pressing, which has the following capabilities.

  • Densification and particle joining of ceramic and metal powders.
  • As a result, the ability to fabricate unique materials from powders.
  • The process is performed in a controlled vacuum atmosphere.  Therefore, contamination is easily avoided.
  • VPE currently owns the World’s Largest Vacuum Hot Press Furnace.
  • Hot Pressing can be performed in a diffusion bonding furnace.  Hence, VPE has a large variety of vacuum hot pressing furnaces.

Heat Treating

VPE’s metallurgical services include heat treating, which has the following capabilities.

  • Processes for standard products.  Likewise, processes for custom products.
  • Additionally, laser component pulse-purge processing.
  • Precise dew point control processes for surface enhancement.
  • Vacuum bake-out to National Lab Standards.
  • Design expertise.

Complex Assemblies

VPE’s metallurgical services include complex assemblies, which contain the following examples.

  • Assembly of precise and fragile electrostatic particle accelerator tubes.  In addition, the machining and polishing of the component parts were done entirely In-House.
  • Diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchangers (MCHEs)
  • Plate and fin heat exchangers.  Also, radiator assemblies over four feet tall.
  • Cold plate assemblies.  In addition, cold wall assemblies.
  • Jet engine fire suppression components

Thin Film Coating

VPE’s metallurgical services include thin film coating, which includes the following capabilities.

  • Electron beam
  • Ion plating
  • Reactive sputtering, oxide, and nitride coatings
  • Sputtering and ultra-thick coatings with bulk properties
  • Simultaneous multiple-source thin film coatings

Materials Testing & Analysis

VPE’s metallurgical services include materials testing & analysis, which has the following capabilities.

  • Electrical testing
  • Failure analysis
  • Helium leak detection
  • Metallographic laboratory analysis
  • Pressure testing
  • Residual gas analysis
  • Strength of materials; test to failure

Specialty Cleaning

VPE’s metallurgical services include specialty cleaning with the following capabilities.

  • Processes for standard assemblies.  In addition, processes for custom assemblies.
  • Cleanrooms and clean environments for processes, staging, and assembly operation.  In addition, we have a 20,000 sq. ft. clean environment laboratory.
  • Cleaning cells as well as flow benches.  Also, wet labs with high-pressure air blowers.
  • Pulse purge cleaning
  • Large-scale ultrasonic cleaning lines.  Furthermore, large tanks for submersion.