Precision assembly of intricate & critical parts.

VPE fabricates complex assemblies including components, subassemblies, as well as complete products to meet our customers’ exact specifications.  In addition, our breadth of metallurgical services and contract manufacturing services enables our team to provide you with single-point responsibility for even the most intricate assemblies.

Examples of Complex Assemblies

At VPE, we have built a reputation for precision assembly of critical components.  In addition, as an AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified company, VPE adheres to demanding quality control standards.  As a result, we deliver reliable service from start to finish.

Examples of assemblies e.g.:

complex assemblies

Complex Assemblies – Electrostatic Particle Accelerator Tubes

To illustrate VPE’s complex assemblies capability, below is a brief overview of one of our assemblies – an electrostatic particle accelerator tube.

  1. Project management schedules all assembling and purchasing activities over six months in advance.
  2. The purchasing department buys titanium raw materials, aluminum raw materials, and hardware.  Hence, the purchasing department must keep in mind the product lead times, project schedule, and maintaining a lean inventory system.
  3. The raw material is scheduled in VPE’s machine shop to be fabricated into component parts with demanding tolerances.
  4. After machining, the component parts are sent to VPE’s polishing department.  Again, the demanding tolerances call for a near-perfect mirror-like finish.
  5. The quality assurance department critically inspects the polished titanium and aluminum component parts using coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).
  6. All components arrive at VPE’s assembly department which resides in a 20,000 sq. ft. clean environment laboratory.  Next, the assembly team carefully assembles the parts according to engineering drawings.  Parts include titanium electrodes, aluminum planes, glass insulators, various hardware, glue, and more.
  7. The electrostatic particle accelerator tubes are tested and measured for conformance.  Any deviation from tolerance results in disassembly.

Cleanrooms to Control Contamination

VPE utilizes cleanrooms to provide an environment that minimizes contamination from particles during process and assembly activities.

  • Multiple laboratory environments
  • Large 20,000 square foot laboratory
  • Clean environment laboratories
  • Cleanroom laboratories
  • Full protective cleanroom clothing
complex assemblies