Efficient use of R&D and prototyping budgets.

VPE’s team of materials scientists works closely with staff mechanical, electrical, as well as chemical engineers to provide solutions quickly and cost-effectively.  In addition, we have over 45 years of experience developing new approaches to materials joining engineering challenges.

Metallurgical/Materials Joining R&D Support

Our roots are in the research & development of precision brazing, diffusion bonding, and thin film coating medical devices, heat exchangers, cold plates, and instrumentation apparatus.  Capabilities e.g.:

  • Component, subassembly, or turnkey product development
  • Contract services in support of customer research
  • R&D preceding production – either by the customer or by VPE
  • Prototyping, proof-of-concept demonstrations
  • Design of experiment (DOE)
  • Specific process development or problem-solving as well as assisting customers with their R&D efforts
  • Technology transfer programs
  • Development of production equipment
  • Production line development
  • Complete R&D solutions using both in-house and subcontractor expertise
materials joining

In-House Testing & Analysis to Expedite R&D Projects

Our materials testing lab supports in-house R&D and production quality assurance and can provide an external service to customers.  In addition, our testing and analysis services e.g.:

  • Metallographic laboratory analysis
  • Vacuum integrity
  • Residual gas analysis
  • Helium leak detection
  • Pressure testing
  • Strength of materials
  • Failure analysis

R&D for Discerning Customers and Mission-Critical Applications

A few examples e.g.:

  • Fortune 50 conglomerate: development of implantable battery seals
  • Aerojet Rocketdyne: development of cleaning processes for reactive metals
  • LLNL: development of pulse purge cleaning technology
  • GE: development of a ruggedized sapphire window for harsh environments
  • Applied Materials: development of joining method for electrostatic particle accelerator tubes

Why Trust Your Metallurgical/Materials Joining Project to VPE?

Each project we undertake requires the research and development of creative solutions to customer challenges.  Furthermore, these solutions often employ new methods or approaches to fabrication.  As a result, we continue to build on this wealth of knowledge and expertise to meet our customers’ unique requirements.

  • Minimize research and development, prototyping, production costs, as well as time-to-market through innovation
  • In-house metallurgical expertise to solve difficult challenges as they arise
  • Complete solutions using both in-house resources as well as qualified subcontractors
  • Contract flexibility – from cost-plus to partnering
  • Highly responsive engineer-to-engineer technical interaction with prospects as well as customers

Equipment & Facilities

VPE provides over 150,000 square feet of design, lab, production, as well as quality assurance space for your contract manufacturing program e.g.:

  • Vacuum brazing furnaces
  • Aluminum vacuum brazing furnaces
  • Hydrogen furnaces
  • Thin film coating systems
  • Induction as well as infrared braze systems
  • Diffusion bonding furnaces
  • Hot pressing furnaces
  • The world’s largest vacuum hot press
  • Machine shop
  • Quality assurance facility
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Laboratories e.g. cleanroom as well as clean environment
  • Welding cells
  • Cleaning lines
  • Assembly lines
  • Materials testing & analysis lab
  • Wet lab, metrology, as well as inspection equipment
  • & more!

Advanced Technical Expertise for Metallurgical/Materials Joining

VPE provides materials science and fabrication technology expertise, contract research, as well as consulting for customers located in over four continents.

  • Design of experiments for processes as well as assembly fabrication
  • Solutions for assemblies as well as devices having high-temperature applications
  • Design of extreme temperature as well as pressure heat exchangers
  • Use and joining of dissimilar metals, exotic metals, as well as ceramics
  • Thin-film structure investigations
  • Heat treating: many specialized processes, including vacuum bake-out
  • Diffusion bonding process development as well as production engineering
  • Applied force parameters
  • Plastic deformation control
  • Superalloy structures
  • 0005″ thick titanium foil
  • TLP (transient liquid phase) bonding
  • Design for efficiency as well as quality in production
  • Techniques for the fabrication of complex fixturing as well as assemblies
  • Microchannel devices: processes as well as assembly
  • Testing and analysis: process performance, application-specific, as well as production quality
materials joining