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Since 1976, VPE serves customers by providing them with innovative solutions to complex challenges.  Furthermore, through VPE’s specialization in metallurgical services as well as skills in engineering and manufacturing, our clients often enjoy significant competitive advantages.  As a result, most of the work VPE does for our customers is confidential.

Our Customers

VPE is proud to have been of service to the following clients, which is a representative selection and not all of our clients.  In addition, they represent a variety of industries developing as well as producing a wide range of end-use products.

Aerojet Rocketdyne



Applied Materials




General Electric

Hewlett Packard


Blue Origin

Lockheed Martin


National Laboratories


Northrop Grumman


Teledyne Technologies

Lawrence Livermore NL


Our Testimonials

Proven service in every industry.

Thanks again for your problem solving and can-do attitude on this project. VPE has really done a fantastic job in real-time project management and delivery and I appreciate and value your participation.

– National Laboratory Customer

The service given is excellent. The staff is very helpful and they give great feedback and are all just a pleasure to work with. As for Vacuum Process Engineering, I wish all of our vendors were as proactive and helpful!

– Major Aerospace Customer

We are using the prototype plates on our project, our lead Engineer is impressed with the quality of the product delivered. We tried to use an in-house group and were given parts that were unusable. Your work is excellent and exceeded our requirements.

– Government Agency Customer

The products you provide are a critical component in our process and we wouldn’t risk going anywhere other than VPE. We are all extremely pleased with our relationship with VPE and look forward to growing together.

– Scientific Equipment Customer

NIF is an engineering and science marvel that could not have been completed without the contributions of thousands of people, including you. We appreciate the confidence and trust you placed in us as demonstrated by your support in this undertaking.

– Director, National Ignition Facility

NIF is an example of what the NNSA labs do best. We are bringing together the best minds in science, engineering and technology to solve some of the nation’s greatest challenges, and complete one of the largest and most complex projects in history.

– Administrator, NNSA labs

Wanted to thank you for your teams great effort on all sizes 1 thru 4 cold plates. I know they were a six month long project and not an easy one at that. Please pass along our appreciation for your dedication and hard work as well as excellent product.

– Program Manager, Electronics Industry

Spoke with Stefan and Jeff about the 5MW unit – they operated the system and recuperator unit at temperature with good results on heat exchange and pressure drop and were very pleased.

– Chief Business Development Engineer, VPE

Gents: Might all of you might recognize a piece all grown up like a big boy in here? Platens with Solar Cells attached. Nice Job!

– Customer, Aerospace Industry

VPE continues to be an excellent teammate with us.

– Energy Customer

We are really happy with the performance of the heat exchanger and would like to purchase another one.

– Heat Exchanger Customer

100% on-time delivery with zero defects!!

– Medical Customer

Great Service!

– Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturer Customer

Let us show you why over 90% of VPE’s work is performed for existing or returning clients.

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