Tube assemblies for critical applications.

For over four decades, VPE provides high-integrity pinch-off tubes and pump-out tubes for use in mission-critical applications.  Furthermore, thousands of our tubes as well as tube assemblies have been shipped to laser and lithography equipment manufacturers, defense contractors, government agencies, as well as other defense and research organizations.

Fabricated to Rigorous Standards

Pinch-off tubes and pump-out tubes fabrication involves:

  • Tubes are processed using stringent procedures designed to produce the highest quality product.
  • Meticulous attention to detail ensures correct tubing wall grain sizes as well as interior wall cleanliness.
  • For precision-brazed assemblies, only low vapor pressure, as well as the highest grade filler metals, are used to create a clean and reliable seal every time.

Pinch-off tubes, pump-out tubes, as well as tube assemblies in standard sizes can be delivered within 10 working days (ARO).

pinch-off tubes

Standard Pinch-Off Tubes, Pump-out Tubes, and Tube Assemblies

Outside DiameterWallLengthMaterialStyle of End “A” Style of End “B” VPE Part Number
1/8, 0.1250.0252.00CopperPlainPlainCu-2-2.0-P-P
1/8, 0.1250.0253.00CopperPlainPlainCu 2-3.0-P-P
1/4, 0.2500.0322.00CopperPlainPlainCu-4-2.0-P-P
1/4, 0.2500.032 2.00CopperWeld AdapterPlainCu-4-2.0-WA-P
1/4, 0.2500.0322.00CopperMale VCR4PlainCu-4-2.0-MVCR4-P
1/4, 0.2500.0323.00CopperPlainPlainCu-4-3.0-P-P
1/4, 0.2500.0323.00CopperWeld AdapterPlainCu-4-3.0-WA-P
1/4, 0.2500.0324.00CopperPlainPlainCu-4-4.0-P-P
1/4, 0.2500.0324.00CopperWeld AdapterPlainCu-4-4.0-WA-P
1/2, 0.5000.0356.00CopperPlainPlainCu-8-6.0-P-P
1/2, 0.5000.03514.00CopperPlainPlainCu-8-14.0-P-P
3/4, 0.7500.0356.00CopperMini CFFPlainCu-12-6.0-CFP-P
  1. All dimensions are in inches.
  2. Dimensions and tolerances:
    a. Outside diameter: +/- 0.002 in.
    b. Wall thickness: +/- 0.002 in.  However, the tube wall could be 0.035 in. rather than 0.032 in. in some instances.
    c. Length: +/- 0.020 in., tighter tolerances available upon request.  In addition, for assemblies with brazed end connections, the “length” specified is the copper tube length and not the overall assembly length.
  3. Material is seamless OFE Copper (UNS C10100) per ASTM F68.B75
  4. ID, as well as OD at each end, have edge break/deburr of 0.010 in. nominal
  5. Processing: Pinch-off tubes, pump-out tubes, as well as tube assemblies are high vacuum processed.  In that regard, depending on the application, high vacuum processing is particularly beneficial if the final application requires de-gassing or vacuum baking.  In addition, hydrogen processing can be done upon request.
  6. Tubes are packaged in low outgassing bags and backfilled with dry nitrogen.

Specify a Tube

To specify a tube or tube assembly part number, please make the following selections e.g.:

1. Tube outside diameter: nominal diameter in 1/16″ increments

2. Tube material: copper (Cu) or nickel (Ni)

3. Tube length to the accuracy you desire.

4. Configuration for “End 1”

5. Configuration for “End 2”