High standards of cleanliness.

VPE employs specialty cleaning processes to maintain high standards of cleanliness when providing metallurgical services.  In addition, we ensure the surfaces of components or assemblies are clean prior to shipment.  Furthermore, we select or develop cleaning processes for each individual application to meet the specific needs of our customers.

A Wide Range of Specialty Cleaning Processes

Cleaning processes e.g.:

  • Pulse purge processing
  • Cleaning processes for reactive metals
  • Vacuum bakeout to promote the out-gassing and the cleanup of components.  As a result, this prompts the evolution (setting free, releasing) of gas from a liquid or solid under vacuum.
  • Degassing as well as outgassing
  • Automated as wells as manual ultrasonic cleaning lines
  • Specialized ultrasonic solutions for different types of metals e.g.,  Brulin for aluminum, Micro-90 for stainless steel, distilled water, etc.
  • Distilled water filters and tanks for cleaning of parts
  • Pressurized air guns for drying of clean parts
  • Oven for drying of clean parts
  • Large-sized tanks for full submersion of large parts
  • Likewise, heavyweight cranes for the safe movement of parts
specialty cleaning

Cleanrooms to Control Contamination

VPE utilizes cleanrooms to provide an environment that minimizes contamination from particles during processes as well as assembly activities.

Multiple laboratory environments e.g.:

  • Large 20,000 square foot laboratory
  • Clean environment laboratories
  • Cleanroom laboratories
  • Full protective cleanroom clothing
complex assemblies