Cutting edge. Creative. Cost-effective.

Vacuum Process Engineering (VPE) encourages exploration and experimentation, always striving to be leaders of metallurgical innovation.  Furthermore, we are proud to be at the vanguard of technological creativity in the fields of thermal engineering, materials joining/bonding, heat exchangers, specialized coatings, advanced thermal processing, as well as unique assembly methods.

Our Specializations

VPE also offers extensive machine shop services.

Furthermore, other VPE products include high-temperature retro-reflectors, pinch-off & pump-out tubes, as well as laminated & clad metal sheet.

VPE Thermal LLC, a subsidiary company of VPE, designs and manufactures diffusion bonded microchannel heat exchangers (MCHEs), hydrogen pre-cooling heat exchangers (H2PC®), and smaller sized commercial off-the-shelf heat exchangers for a wide range of applications.

thermal engineering

Our Mission & Core Values

Excellence. Honesty. Attitude. Communication. Teamwork.

VPE blends unique thermal engineering, metallurgical/materials joining engineering, as well as scientific approaches with the creative talents of our people to provide the highest quality solutions for the complex real-world needs of our customers.  In addition, we believe in planned growth while meeting our objectives of high quality, technological leadership as well as fair profitability.

We have only one standard—Excellence.  Though we may be better today than we were yesterday, we are not as good as we must become.  None of us can settle for doing less than our best as well as we can’t stop trying to surpass what we have already achieved.

We encourage exploration as well as experimentation and strive to be at the leading edge of innovation.

We believe that striving to be the best in our work, our relationships, our ideas, as well as our practices is the best demonstration of our commitment to customer satisfaction.  In addition, we expect to be accountable as well as hold others accountable for the best results.

We are deeply committed to providing the highest quality products as well asconsistently strive to understand and exceed the requirements of our customers.  Our commitment to quality builds customer trust as well as loyalty.

We provide world-class products and enhance customer satisfaction every day.

We treat each other with respect as well as courtesy.  In addition, we share information, provide feedback, as well as genuinely listen to each other.

We build long-term trusting relationships with each other, our customers, as well as our suppliers by being honest, open, and fair, as well as by keeping our promises.

We have a strong dedication to ourselves as well as to our work.  Furthermore, we are accountable and expect accountability from others as well.

We have respect for each other’s opinions and ideas.  In addition, we reflect on our own behavior and are willing to acknowledge problems and grow.

We recognize that attitudes are contagious.  So we strive to maintain a positive attitude, give others the benefit of the doubt, as well as communicate in an open and straightforward manner.

We value honesty in communication.  In addition, we are open to being approached.  Therefore, we listen effectively as well as take other people’s views seriously.

We acknowledge that conflicts can occur as a part of daily work life.  Therefore, we take responsibility for our part of the problem as well as take responsibility for working together to find a solution.

We acknowledge all of our co-workers as valuable team members.

We work openly as well as supportively in teams, always aimed toward common goals.  In addition, we team with each other, with our customers, as well as with our suppliers to respond quickly to changing needs.

We follow through with our commitments and are accountable to the team for our contributions as well as our results.  Furthermore, we help each other, even when it is a stretch.  We have fun working together as well as take pride in our joint accomplishments.

VPE has the following certifications e.g.: