The highest quality assurance standards.

VPE is an AS9100 certified company and conducts thorough inspections to verify that each and every product, as well as service, is above industry standards.  Furthermore, our robust quality assurance program has been accepted by the most discriminating of companies as well as independent auditors.

AS9100 & ISO 9001 Certified

VPE has extensive in-house capabilities for manufacturing, as well as testing & analysis.  In addition, the company’s philosophy demands that every VPE product and service exceed compliance standards.  As a result, VPE has a proud history of meeting and acquiring the quality certification demands of the market.

VPE’s extensive in-house capabilities for manufacturing as well as testing & analysis, meet many exacting certification requirements specific to applications or customers e.g.:

  • Medical implants
  • Aerospace
  • Nuclear
  • Defense
  • Electronics

Expertise & Track Record

VPE has built a reputation for excellence as well as a track record of success due to its abilities e.g.:

  • Experience in solving difficult problems and producing long-term, high-quality and reliable products.
  • People – project management specialists, material scientists, materials engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, specialized technologists, as well as experienced assembly and test personnel.
  • Specialized suppliers as well as subcontractors
  • The track record since 1976 – 90% of business is a repeat.

Coordinate Measuring Machines

VPE’s large-scale coordinate-measuring machines (CMMs) verify the machined parts meet their design specifications.  In addition, customers require tight tolerances and CMM inspection gives the measurement needed to pass or fail the part.

  • Large-scale CMMs to verify the conformance of precise parts.
  • Coord3 Universal
  • Travel Size: 118 in. x 59 in. x 58 in.
  • Coord3 Ares NT
  • Travel Size: 47 in. x 26 in. x 26 in.
machine shop

VPE has the following certifications e.g.: