A fluxless process resulting in cleaner assemblies.

Aluminum vacuum brazing meets the most demanding braze-joint integrity requirements.  Therefore, it is a reliable means of manufacturing devices such as critical microchannel devices, cold plates, cold walls, radiators, microwave antennas, and waveguides.


VPE uses its 45 years of experience to provide precision brazing services.  As a result, we routinely work on high-volume production assemblies or low-volume prototype assemblies.

  • We have advanced material science expertise.  For this reason, we are able to create filler alloy compositions that are not commercially available.  Thus, we can braze difficult assemblies.
  • Furthermore, we select the most appropriate filler alloy chemistry based upon the final service requirement of the assembly.
  • We own a variety of aluminum brazing equipment and furnaces.   Therefore, we can handle all sizes of aluminum assemblies.
  • Examples of assemblies include ceramic-to-metal terminations, large-format cold plates, cold walls, radiators, and microwave devices.
aluminum vacuum brazing

Advantages of Aluminum Vacuum Brazing

A fluxless process results in cleaner assemblies

Vacuum brazing is a clean and fluxless process. Therefore, it will not have the problems associated with aluminum dip brazing.  Aluminum dip brazing problems include the flux plugging the fluid passages as well as the flux causing excessively large fillets.  In addition, a post-braze process is required to remove the flux.

In contrast, Vacuum Brazing is a cleaner and less expensive process.

Aluminum brazing processes are designed for critical applications

VPE’s processes include the following advantages:

  • Minimize the fillet sizes.
  • Eliminate joint voids.
  • Maintain critical features.
  • Routinely produce hermetic joints.